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Smoke from those massive wildfires in Canada has completely covered the city in an apocalyptic haze.

The air quality is the worst they’ve seen since the 1960s, according to the health commissioner, Aswin Vasan. The state governor, Kathy Hochul, even called it an “emergency crisis.” They’re saying it might last for several days.

The situation is so bad that the mayor is urging everyone to stay indoors. The pollution is so thick that it’s casting a weird yellowish glow over the famous skyscrapers in Manhattan. Flights are being delayed, and even sporting events have been postponed.

But it’s not just New York that’s affected. The smoke has drifted all the way down the US East Coast, and pollution warnings have been issued for over 100 million people. Can you believe it? The smoke traveled hundreds of miles!

In Canada itself, the wildfires have been devastating. More than 20,000 people have been displaced, and millions of hectares of land have been scorched. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it’s the worst wildfire season they’ve ever had.

People in New York are experiencing all sorts of symptoms. Watery and itchy eyes seem to be a common complaint. One tourist even said it smells like someone’s having a barbecue. A lawyer mentioned that his throat is stinging from the harmful haze. It’s no wonder people are wearing masks, even while walking their dogs in Central Park.

The air quality index in New York is off the charts. It’s the worst of any major city in the world right now, even worse than notoriously polluted places like New Delhi. Can you believe that? Normally, New York doesn’t even rank in the top 3,000 cities for pollution.

The situation is so bad that outdoor activities at public schools have been suspended. The mayor is telling people to limit their outdoor time to only what’s necessary. Even flights have been affected, with reduced visibility causing delays.

Sports events are being postponed too. Major League Baseball had to reschedule games, and even a concert series in Brooklyn had to be canceled. It’s causing quite a disruption.

This is all happening because of the climate crisis. Warming temperatures increase the risk of these wildfires, and we’re seeing the consequences now. It’s a wake-up call for sure.

IBC Global Times
Author: IBC Global Times

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