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Impact on Jobs: Creating New Opportunities while Old Ones Fade – Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI


AI will create new jobs, but some old ones may become obsolete at a rapid pace, according to Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI and a prominent figure in the global AI revolution. Altman emphasized that while AI can disrupt industries, it is not a permanent job killer. He acknowledged that technological advancements have historically led to the destruction of certain jobs but also highlighted that they pave the way for the emergence of new and better employment opportunities. Altman pointed out that labor markets have typically adapted to such disruptions within two generations. However, he emphasized the need to address the speed at which these changes occur, stating that it necessitates a revision of socioeconomic contracts and government perspectives on managing the impact of this disruption.

Altman expressed support for sovereign research in AI, highlighting concerns that many countries and governments may feel uneasy about a life-defining technology being controlled exclusively by a few foreign companies. He believed that India, in particular, is well-positioned to achieve results through government-funded AI projects. Altman welcomed regulatory interventions, emphasizing the exponential nature of AI’s disruptive potential and the need for government involvement.

Altman also acknowledged the risks associated with AI, including deepfakes and fraud. However, he expressed confidence that technology will evolve to tackle these challenges, providing accessible solutions to ensure authenticity. While Altman recognized that AI will not bring about the end of the world, he cautioned that people often underestimate the magnitude and speed of the impending changes. He emphasized the importance of anticipating even the slightest possibility of extreme scenarios and developing mitigating technologies.

Aside from his involvement in AI development, Altman’s other venture involves investing in and advocating for nuclear fusion, a future-defining technology that holds the promise of abundant, low-carbon, and cost-effective energy production. Altman’s simultaneous focus on two groundbreaking technologies sets him apart as a visionary entrepreneur.

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