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’65’: A Thrilling Sci-Fi Film Combining Dinosaurs and Meteorites

Hollywood movie '65'

In the Hollywood movie ’65’, audiences are taken on a gripping journey back to a time 65 million years ago when Earth faced a deadly battle between dinosaurs on the ground and falling meteorites from the sky.

’65’ is an action-packed sci-fi thriller that poses a threat to the existence of our planet. Wild animals, or rather extraterrestrial hazards, roam the Earth as part of the film’s plot. This unique movie aims to bring together these two formidable dangers, captivating viewers and keeping them on the edge of their seats.

The story revolves around a spaceship from the planet Somaris that crash-lands on another celestial body within the universe. The pilot, Mills, explores this new planet but mistakenly believes it to be devoid of any life other than his own daughter, a young girl. Only later does the audience discover that it is Earth 65 million years ago, populated solely by ferocious dinosaurs.

As if the ground-level danger wasn’t enough, the Earth soon finds itself under attack from relentless meteorites. ’65’ delves into the thrilling narrative of whether Mills and his daughter can escape the clutches of these dual threats in breathtaking and suspenseful scenes.

While the concept of a man arriving as an alien on Earth before mankind’s existence is intriguing, ’65’ falls short as a patchwork of scenes reminiscent of various films. However, fans of sci-fi and survival genres may find ’65’ appealing, while others may find it less engaging.

Written and directed by Scott Beck and Brian Woods, the film features acclaimed actors Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt. ’65’, which was released in theaters on March 10, can now be streamed on Netflix OTT as of yesterday (June 10).

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