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Jackie Chan’s Daredevil Stunt in “Police Story” Leaves Him Electrocuted, Suffering Severe Injuries

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, known for his fearless and death-defying stunts, recently recounted a harrowing experience during the filming of the 1985 action film “Police Story.” The legendary actor and martial artist, who often performs his own stunts, narrowly escaped paralysis and faced a series of life-threatening injuries during a particularly dangerous sequence in the movie.

In the memorable shopping mall scene from “Police Story,” Chan executed one of his riskiest stunts to date. Without the aid of safety wires or padding, he leaped from the top of the mall, descending its entire height. Besides the obvious dangers associated with such a jump, Chan faced additional perils, including the risk of electrocution from the Christmas lights adorning a pole.

According to Movieweb, time constraints prevented Chan and his team from rehearsing the stunt adequately. Under pressure to complete the shoot and vacate the mall before its opening the next morning, they embarked on the daring feat. The consequences were grave. Upon crashing through the glass, Chan suffered a fractured finger, second-degree burns on his palms, a deep cut on his forearm, a dislocated pelvis bone, injuries to his 7th and 8th vertebrae, and electric shock. The injuries sustained were so severe that they could have left him paralyzed.

In a retelling of the incident to IGN, Chan disclosed that just before the cameras started rolling, one of his stuntmen slipped a religious charm into his pocket for protection, despite his own skepticism towards such objects. Determined to finish the scene, Chan persevered despite the excruciating pain and resumed filming.

The remarkable footage of Jackie Chan’s daredevil shopping mall stunt in “Police Story” has captivated audiences worldwide. It serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to delivering thrilling action sequences that push the boundaries of his physical endurance.

Jackie Chan’s fearless dedication to his craft and willingness to put himself at risk have solidified his status as one of the greatest action stars of all time. Despite the numerous injuries and close calls throughout his career, his indomitable spirit and passion for delivering breathtaking performances continue to inspire fans around the globe.

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