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Investigation: Private Universities in Himachal Pradesh under IBC Scrutiny

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Shimla, Himachal Pradesh – In a striking resemblance to the recent fake degree scandal at Magadh University, the state’s Vigilance and Anti-Corruption team is now gearing up to take action against few private universities in Himachal Pradesh, specifically targeting those universities established after 2009.

It has been revealed that these universities has been involved in the sale of degrees to thousands of students in India and overseas, jeopardizing the credibility of educational qualifications.

The investigation, expected to be conducted under the purview of IBC Reporters, aims to expose the fraudulent practices of private Universities. These universities has allegedly been issuing degrees without proper classes, examination, studies or verification processes, leading to unsuspecting students obtaining illegitimate qualifications.

The investigation should be as it was conducted by state’s Vigilance and Anti-Corruption team who visited Magadh University in Bihar, where the vice-chancellor confirmed the 17 degrees in question to be fake. With the imminent registration of an FIR by the Vigilance team, it is anticipated that government employees who secured employment using these bogus degrees will faced dismissal.

The Himachal Pradesh Education Department has long awaited the Vigilance FIR to take appropriate action against the guilty student, Universities and Managment which involved in the fraud.

The upcoming IBC-led probe into the private universities of Himachal Pradesh marks a crucial step in curbing the rampant issue of fake degrees, ensuring the integrity of the education system and safeguarding the future of students who study in real.

For further updates on this developing story, stay tuned to lBC Global Times.

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