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Bengaluru Couple Found Dead in Bathroom, Suspected Gas Leak from Geyser

Gas Leaks

On June 10, a tragic incident occurred in the Chikkajala area of Bengaluru where a young couple, Chandrashekhar M (30) and Sudharani Binni (22), were discovered dead in their residence’s bathroom. The police suspect that the couple died due to inhaling carbon monoxide emitted from the gas geyser they had installed.

Chandrashekhar and Sudharani, who were soon to be married, both worked at a luxury resort near Nandi Hills. Chandrashekhar had rented a house owned by a police officer in Tarabanahalli, located approximately 10 km from the Kempegowda International Airport.

The incident came to light on Sunday evening when the house owner knocked on their door, but receiving no response, he alerted the police through their emergency helpline. The police subsequently broke open the door and discovered the lifeless bodies of the couple.

According to the available information, Chandrashekhar and Sudharani arrived at the house on June 10 around 6 pm to spend time together. Later, while taking a shower, they turned on the bathroom geyser, a 7.5-litre gas geyser connected to an LPG cylinder. The exact sequence of events leading to their deaths remains unclear, but evidence suggests that the geyser malfunctioned, resulting in the release of carbon monoxide. Tragically, the closed bathroom door and window proved fatal as the couple unknowingly inhaled the toxic fumes, causing them to lose consciousness and succumb to the poisonous gas.

Chandrashekhar hailed from the Gundlupet taluk in Chamarajanagar district, while Sudharani belonged to the Gokak taluk in Belagavi district.

Gas geysers, due to partial combustion, emit odourless and colourless carbon monoxide. If a leak occurs, it may go unnoticed by users. Moreover, a lack of sufficient outlets or ventilators in the bathroom where the geyser is installed can pose a serious danger, explained a police officer.

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